A Climate Action Community in NYC

We connect you to the climate community, help you take action, build friendships and work together for our sustainable future! ​

Climate Events in NYC

This calendar features events listed by several climate organizations in NYC. Feel free to add it to your own Google calendar!

For Climate Cafe specific events, see our Action Network page.

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A Community of Climate Citizens Like You

We get it – no one likes thinking about global warming. But we all share a concern about it. At Climate Cafe, we are here to make it simple for you to take action. Meet your neighbors, enjoy some coffee, and learn exactly how you can take part in the fight for our future – and our coffee! That’s Climate Cafe: Climate Action for the Average Joe. A whopping 91% of Americans under the age of 35 are concerned about climate change. Yet, many of them are unsure about what they can do to make a difference. That’s where we come in. We help you find your role in the largest movement in human history and offer opportunities to make friends at our member events. By uniting as Climate Citizens, we will bring about the kind of transformation that our economy and society needs to stop the climate crisis in its tracks. We have the numbers, we have the tools, and we have the determination to lead ourselves and future generations toward a regenerative world with clean air, clear water, and thriving communities.
Our vision for the future relies on you — the most important part of it.
"Mobilizing for big generational challenges can be thrilling and can imbue your life with meaning and connection."
Christiana Figueres & Tom Rivett-Carnac
The Future We Choose: Surviving the Climate Crisis

Connecting People

Addressing the climate crisis requires collective effort and collaboration. That’s why we actively seek to connect with like-minded organizations such as Extinction Rebellion, Planet Over Profit, Fridays for Future, Sunrise Movement, and others. By forging partnerships and alliances, we can join forces, share resources, and amplify our impact in the fight against climate change.

Additionally, we collaborate with ethical local companies that share our commitment to sustainability, creating opportunities for our members to engage with and support these businesses.

Finally, Climate Cafe is more than just a place to talk about the climate. We organize events, movie nights, and other activities to help you get to know other people who care about the planet. Making friends with like-minded individuals can make a big difference in how you feel about the future of the planet, and our cafe provides an excellent opportunity to build lasting friendships.

Through the  connections we create, we aim to provide our members with a wide range of opportunities to find their place in the fight for a better future, whether through direct activism, policy advocacy, innovative solutions, or supporting sustainable practices in their daily lives.

Together, we can make a significant difference in tackling the climate crisis and building a more sustainable world.

Taking Action

Events We Organize

Help us make an impact: donate a coffee a month!

About Coffee

On the subject of coffee – it’s going extinct. Not today, not everywhere, but within our lifetimes, the arabica bean, which brings us the joy of our daily cup, will no longer be economic to grow in most coffee-producing regions of the world. Just imagine a world without your morning coffee: it would be a devastating consequence of unchecked climate change, adding to the already daunting challenges of hurricanes, wildfires, and floods. This is what we’re in store for if we let climate change go unchecked.

The choice of coffee as a metaphor for the world as we know it is intentional. Coffee is a daily staple for many of us, and the thought of a world without it is unthinkable. But the reality is that coffee, like many other things we take for granted, is at risk due to climate change. By highlighting the potential loss of something as simple as coffee, we hope to make the urgent need for action on climate change more tangible and relatable. We want to inspire people to join us and take action to protect the things they love, including coffee, and ultimately build a sustainable future for all of us.

The good news is: we’re going to win. We don’t have a choice as there is no alternative. The question is: will you help us win within the critical timeframe to save the things we love?