The Social Home of NYC Climate Action

Our community helps you face your climate anxiety, connects you to impactful local activism, and keeps you motivated through camaraderie, creativity, and fun.  Alone we burn out.  Together we heal, we grow, and we win!  

Events We Co-Organize:

7.8.23 Climate Cafe Garden Party

Climate Cafes

A monthly safe space to meet, have coffee, discuss your evolving feelings about the climate crisis, and learn from each other.

5.18.23 Climate Arts Celebration (performance)


Movie nights, art events, festivals, hikes … whether you come alone or with friends, join us for fun activities with like-minded people.

5.13.23 Procession for Climate Solutions

Climate Actions

Protests, lobbying actions, educational workshops … we try to join our forces to call for the systemic changes the world needs.

We didn’t invent the climate cafe.  It’s a simple idea that’s been replicated around the globe: a community meeting where the primary goal isn’t teaching or strategizing, but simply on sharing our emotional experiences of living under the climate crisis.  These sessions involve prompted group discussions where the goal is to listen to new perspectives on coping and to be heard in our own distress, confusion, determination, and joy.  You can expect a cozy environment for 1.5 – 2 hours and a maximum of 30 people.  There are always snacks and something to drink.

Our cafes tend to open with a meditation, and break out into smaller groups for three discussion prompts, returning each time to synthesize with the larger group.  Since we’re a social (action) club at CCC, we plan for social time before and after our session, and also offer a rundown of local events in the coming month, and a free climate action handbook.  As more CCC members organize their own cafes the details will get more diverse, but the spirit and objectives will stay the same.

Core Values & Goals

Emotional Resilience

Climate change is a scary and overwhelming reality.  It can be easy to fall into despair and look away when it all feels too painful.  But we can’t give up on the world!  

To stay in this movement for the long haul we’ll have to deal with our emotions head-on and develop the fortitude to persist in the face of great loss.  By processing our feelings together in climate cafes, we can find the strength and solace to keep going; to act with sustained urgency rather than fleeting panic.

Taking Action

Through the connections we create, we aim to provide our members with a wide range of opportunities to find their place in the fight for a better future, whether through direct activism, policy advocacy, mutual aid, innovative solutions, or promoting sustainable practices within our spheres of influence.

Together, we can scale our actions to make a significant difference in the climate crisis.  Today a greener NYC, tomorrow a more sustainable world.

Collaborations for Climate Justice 

Addressing the climate crisis requires diverse knowledge and collective effort. That’s why we actively seek to connect with like-minded organizations such as Extinction Rebellion, Planet Over Profit, Fridays for Future, Sunrise Movement, and others. By forging partnerships and alliances, we can join forces, share resources, and amplify our impact in the fight against climate change.

Help us make an impact: donate a coffee a month!

Coffee is under threat extinction because of climate change.  As temperatures rise across the tropics, coffee farms are forced to ever higher elevations to keep cool.  Supply is already impacted and arabica coffee could totally disappear in as little as 60 years

We think this is symbolic.   Coffee is a daily comfort we take for granted.  Knowing its at risk makes it a tangible reminder of our global interconnectedness, and of the myriad ways climate chaos destabilizes our everyday lives.    

 Many of us buy a coffee every day, but for the cost of just one coffee a month ($5) you can support us in connecting this growing movement, and join our core community.  We need grassroots power to preserve our precious world, and all the coffee in it.  By pooling our resources, we can build that power!

A whopping 91% of Americans under 35 (and 57% of all Americans) are concerned or alarmed about climate change.  Most are unsure if they can make a real impact, and only a few become activists.

You don’t have to sacrifice everything to change the course of the crisis.  For $5 a month you can help wake your community up.  CCNYC is a volunteer-run organization, and we use 100% of your donation to fund cafes and other events designed to grow our membership and activate more climate-concerned citizens.  While our partner orgs write policy and plan protests, we’re here to gather the people they need to make change stick.

If 1 in every 10 climate-concerned US citizens joined a local network as $5/month donor-members, the movement would have a volunteer army of 19 million, and a yearly budget of 1.1 billion dollars – We’d form an unstoppable force of grassroots participation, ready to supercharge existing advocacy efforts, and win climate policy battles across the country.

If you can make a small, sustained commitment with your extra time and money, we can build more momentum toward that dream.  Think of it as buying one coffee a month for the movement: an investment in a livable planet we can’t afford not to make.

Climate Cafe is a not-so-secret society.  As a sustaining donor at $5 or more you’re invited!  Members receive the tree symbol pin to display their movement pride, fast-tracked co-organizing support and funding for their own cafes/events, and a stake in our consensus-based governance.   


Camaraderie for Crisis

 We’ve all felt despair over the accelerating ecological crisis, frustration around the boom-bust cycle of climate politics, and isolation in an uncaring individualist culture. – But! – Through climate cafes we’ve also found the antidote to that emotional paralysis: a place to connect with and validate each other as we process these heavy feelings.  A community that shows us we are not alone and calls us forward into action at a level we can actually sustain.  Through that collective healing, each of us can engage with crisis for the long run, build lasting networks of grassroots power, and supporting each other’s commitment to persist.

To unlock the power of everyday people, we need to make climate action as simple, accessible, and personally sustainable as possible.   To maintain our momentum, we need a climate community that’s healing, exciting, and operating all year round.  Come build that beloved community with us!  Meet your neighbors, enjoy some coffee, and find where you fit in the fight for our future!

The climate-awakening has the numbers, the tools, and the determination to protect humanity and regenerate the planet.  This lifelong project won’t be easy, but it’ll be so much easier together. 

Our vision for the future relies on you.  Come join us 🙂

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