Our Mission

A Movement for the Masses

The climate movement has been building strength for decades, and climate impacts are getting more severe. The public has become increasingly fearful of the future we’re heading toward. Fortunately there’s more than enough of us to change history before it’s too late – and that’s where you come in.

You don’t have to sacrifice everything to make an impact in the climate fight. All it takes is a small, sustained commitment: a monthly donation of $5. Think of it as giving a coffee a month for our Mother Earth. It’s an investment in our future that all of us can afford – and if all of us did it, we could create a bright, sustainable future for all of us, way faster than we think.

On the subject of coffee – it’s going extinct. Not today, not everywhere, but within our lifetimes, the arabica bean that blesses us with our delicious daily beverage will no longer be economic to grow in most coffee-producing regions of the world.

Imagine, if you possibly can, a world where you don’t have your morning coffee. Hurricanes, wildfires and floods are one thing, but a world without coffee would be hell on Earth. This is what we’re in store for if we let climate change go unchecked.

Unless you help us stop it. Your commitment will go toward bringing more people into our movement, and give everyone the opportunity to get involved in the fight for our future. Whether your passion is art, protest, policy, technology, or simply enjoying coffee with your neighbors, we plug you in to the opportunities happening in your area so you too can engage with the climate movement’s fight for justice.

The good news is: we’re going to win. We don’t have a choice. The question is whether you’ll help us win in time to save the things we love. All it takes is your contribution, and from there we’ll give you a future we can all look forward to. 

All this for the price of a coffee.

Climate Cafe

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